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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is modern marketing method which is way more effective then traditional marketing method. It is gaining popularity in these few years as it is proving its effectiveness in bringing more return on investment than traditional bill board, pamplate marketing method.

It has various forms such as-

1. SEO

Ever wonder why some web pages rank on top of google search engine result page. Well they are optimized website. It usually comprises of two aspects, on page optimization and off page optimization. On page optimization are done on website, internal linking and off page is done through linking website to other website

2. Google Ads

Google ADs appears on top of search engine result page. Its appears on the search of keyword as well as on website which are partner with google. It is highly used for blue ocean marketing.

Google ads are targeted on the basis of intrest or searched keyword of user or respective audience. Google Ads are highly target ads. They are created by google ads campaign

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media such as facebook, Instagram, Tick-Tock are highly effective marketing platforms as many people are on it for most of the times. A normal people with something creative can get viral within days .

Not to mention some brands or persons get business only through social media platform. Clothing brand, make-up artist, chefs , Fitness Coaches etc

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